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Consumers around the world rely on their mobile phones to navigate their lives. Mobile is the de facto digital channel to communicate with brands. How consumers engage with mobile defines how they communicate, shop and engage with businesses. Mobile is the ultimate omnichannel with SMS, voice, email, push notifications, and in-app messaging in the palm of your hand. As customers navigate between channels, they expect everything to be seamless. Blue Global mobile communications platform allows you to automate, manage and send your campaigns across all channels —from SMS to email to push notifications—from a single web portal. You can create integrated programs by using SMS, email, voice, push notifications, and Viber—no technical knowledge needed! Optimize your campaigns with detailed reports across all communications channels. These are some of the channels we have to offer:

  • SMS
  • 2-Way SMS
  • Voice SMS
  • Push Notifications
  • Bulk Emails

Benefits of Bulk sms

The benefits of BULK SMS are vast and vary depending on the nature of each organization/ business. Whether your business is equally new or now a player in your industry, one thing is for sure, you have to use a mass text messaging service.


Your client needs a friendly reminder about schedules or arrangements. A Bulk SMS gateway can be used to inform your customers about the time and location of an appointment or meeting. This improves their perception of the company


A bulk SMS service is a perfect way to increase sales for your business, as it is an extremely effective way to promote new products and offers.


Receiving an SMS is the best way to notify a client about any interruption to their services, for example, a system crash or in our case Load Shedding


A mass SMS service is also a great way to confirm a purchase made via one of your sales people over the phone. It can be the perfect way to confirm what exactly has been offered to the customer after a sale has been made


A bulk SMS delivery service will do just that for you, keeping your customers interested in your campaigns or services. Advertising events or short-term offers by SMS can re-spark interest in your services or products.

Why choose our bulk sms Gateway over others

Delivery, no waiting’s and delays.

Mobile Money Topup. Easy Topup using either Mobile Money or Airtel Money.

24/7 online support customer care. Chat with experts online, social media sites or have us call you right away. You can also schedule a time for us to meet you when you’re ready.

Very simple to use and automatically removes replicas in case they exist.
Send Bulk SMS text messages to all networks in Uganda. Enter your Uganda mobile number and SMS text and click send.

Unlimited phonebook volume. Send Bulksms as many as you want. Our platform doesn’t limit you

Schedule SMS text messages: You can schedule your SMS text messages to be sent at a future date and time – up to a year into the future.

Send personalized SMS. Personalized SMS helps increase customer interest in reading your message. SMS customization allows recipients to be concerned and make extra attention.

It’s fast, affordable and Reliable.

You can download our SMS API on the link below.

Download SMS API

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